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Paddock Wood Primary PTA Events Social Media Policy


PTA Social Media Policy

The PTA now has a Facebook page and an Instagram Page. Please click on the links to like the page and stay up to date with all PTA news and events.

Please make sure to read our  Privacy and Social Media Policy   before posting on the site:

What is this policy and why do we need it?

This policy covers activity on Paddock Wood's PTA Facebook Page and Instagram Page which will be used as a means of sharing information on PTA events, outcomes and to encourage the school community to become involved in the life of the school. The policy exists to ensure that our social media output is as good as it can be, and doesn’t do anyone any harm.

Who can post to social media?

Our social media site is managed by two PTA appointed administrators and will post all updates. Members of the broader community are able to react to the information and post comments. They will also be able to message the administrators via private messenger.

How is this monitored?

The social media output of the PTA is monitored daily by the administrators. The PTA reserves the right to delete or withhold any content from going live that does not adhere to our policy (see below). The school also has the power to remove inappropriate content.

What are the responsibilities of people who have access to the organisation’s social media tools?

The administrator’s role is:

  • General upkeep of the PTA Facebook Page.
  • Informing parents of upcoming events and general promotion of the PTA.
  • Monitoring content and responding to messages.

What is inappropriate content?

Inappropriate content is defined as, but not restricted to, the following:

  • Criticism of school policy, practices or staff
  • Obscenity, nudity, defamation or hate
  • Comments/posts that threaten to harm individuals, groups or organisations
  • Endorsement or encouragement of illegal activities
  • Multiple off-topic posts or repetitive posts that are copied and pasted
  • Personal information including but not limited to e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, mailing addresses.

Note: current students will not be permitted to like or comment on the page should they have access to social media.

What are the consequences for breaching this policy?

Failure to comply with this policy could result in the removal of the page and the removal of a comment or post that contravenes this policy.

Please continue to keep up to date with our privacy and social media policy as it may be added to periodically to ensure that it remains a safe and welcoming place for all users.